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Covid-19 has impacted all of our lives. Most small business are hurting and may not survive. The travel industry has been specially hit hard due to the world wide restrictions on travel. That does not mean that we all need to be locked into our homes to survive.  
Covid-19 is serious, and we need to take it seriously. We request everyone take precautions, wear a mask, practice social distancing, avoid crowded areas. To help with this, we are compiling a list of things that we can do while practicing safe practices with our “Trip of the Week”. Please enjoy and let us know how you enjoyed it. Just use common sense. If the location is crowded, try another day. Your health is more important than anything else.
You will not find specials, deals on these pages. We do not deal in, promote or sell you the dream vacations of others. We customize your travel plans for you. Before we can do that we need to talk to you to understand your likes and dislikes, what you are looking for, what will make your dream vacation. Therefore, you will find our contact information. We want to hear from you so we can give you a vacation that you will remember. 
Of course, this will cost a little more, but aren't you worth it?

Our Services

Guided Vacations
With our worldwide contacts, we can arrange guided vacations, tours, safari's, city, culinary, relegious and other destinations. We arrange all facets of your vacation from arranging travel, hotel, tours, cruises, excursions, meals. We can arrange anything reasonable to make your vacation one that you will remember. 
We specialize in group travel and have arranged groups vacations for office get togethers, family travel, church groups as well as friend groups. We have several senior groups who travel internationally twice an year if possible. We also can arrange cruises or destination and themed group tours for groups from 0 to 200.
Corporate Travel
We have over 10 years experience in corporate travel. We can help manage costs while keeping within guidelines for your corporate travel needs. We are preffered agent for several hotel and auto rental agencies and can work with your preferred airline to meet all your buisness travel needs within your buisness parameters.